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Wine tastings

Come for a tasting

Wijnhuis West organises tastings in different formats. We taste regular shop wines and also rare old wines. For a friendly fee one can enjoy some 10 wines that are chosen around a given theme like ‘Summer White and Rose’ or ‘New world meets old World wines’. In a casual way, you and your friends can get to know some of our shop wines. Entrance fee could be anywhere between 10 and 30 euro pending on the selection of shop wines tasted. Participants are also offered attractive discounts of these wines. To enable people to attend, these tasting are generally organised on Sundays, but can be arranged on any day of the week to accommodate your schedule. People are invited through our mailing list. Tickets can be bought at the shop. If you want to be invited: please leave your e-mail address with us.

Next to these general assortment tastings, we also organize more specialized events. These events are not social gatherings, the focus of these tastings is solely on the wines. The entrance fee of these tastings could be anywhere between 30 to 500 euro. The fee is based on the value of the wine, the size of the bottle and the number of people attending the gathering. A 750ml bottle of rare aged wine will have ullage and sediment, but should supply 10 people with 60ml each or 20 people with 30ml each. Depending on the customer response of any particular tasting, it will only allow 10 – 20 people for single and rare 750ml bottles. The date will be set when all the spaces are reserved on a first come, first served, basis. Refunds are available up to 48 hours prior to the event.

Reserve a tasting

Please contact us by e-mail for reservations and any questions that you may have. Last, you might want to have a tasting with your friends or employees.  You tell us what kind of tasting you would like and we will inform you on the costs. Call or e-mail us.


020 685 4935


Overtoom 424, 1054 JT Amsterdam

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