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Château Haut-Brion 1934

1934 Vintage


We are proud to be able to offer this exquisite A Château Haut-Brion 1934 in excellent condition. This wine is known for it’s aging capabilities. The wine has a top shoulder fill with a cork in good condition.

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Tasting notes

“The first and so far only wine I have ever rated 100 points. 

Super dark color, nearly black!

Crème Brûlée in the nose, caramel, coal, espreso, mokka, coffe milkshake. So many different shades of coffee. Then it has so many other notes. 
At this point I realize that I have smelled the wine for 15 minutes. Afraid of being expecting so much from this wine in the palate and being disapointed I take a tiny sip and wow…..

… this rocked my world!

Guiness and dried plums, black berries, black-tea leaves all the expressions of coffee. And then there is this thing that you know that the rationality fades and the emotionality comes in. It is one of these rare moments in my wine life that you know you experience something truly special. You know that it’s not the wine that scores 100 points just now, but it’s that very bottle (Which by the way Jürg was generous to let me take home as a keepsake). 

Truly unique and truly amazing!

As a side note, all others preferred the 1929 Haut Brion next to it (which I gave 99 points) but somewhat for some random reason, it was the 1934 that just did the trick for me.”

Richter Raritäten Degu (Restaurant Farnsburg, Switzerland)


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