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Wijnhuis West

Welcome to Wijnhuis West,
The place to get your hands on lovely wines, great spirits and lushious beers. All chilled of course. Good expertise, valuable advise, no bullcrap.
Latest News  - 10 February 2016 ~ We open rare wines daily. Usually they are very old and matured to perfection. Since you never know whats' open, you gotta come by and see for yourself.
Hensel Spatburgunder 2011 Scores first 10 points ever in Parool competition Hamersma Suzanne Sluijter: "Has anyone in this panel ever given the full 10 point? No? That makes me the first one then." :o)

Rare Wine Open Today,


Every week at Wijnhuis West, we open a rare wine for our customers to taste. This is usually a spontanious event with no particular date or time, but we will try to post what we open or plan to open that day. 

Last week, we opened a 1928 Chateau Branaire Duluc - Ducru and it was a wine to remember, with a still very vibrant fruit of fresh red ripe fruit and distictive bouquet of strawberries, dark cherry, cedar, earthy truffle with a very light color of burnt brick with an orange rim. 

Wednesday June 17th, at two o'clock, we opened a 1988 Heitz Martha's vineyard from Napa Valley. If you see this notice, please come by the shop and ask for a free taste of this well made California Cabernet. The bouquet is of deep dark rich cabernet fruit containing typical Napa Valley terroir, with dark cherry, red current, toasty oak with a hint of mint and eucalyptus. Balanced acid and tannins on the palate with explosive ripe cabernet sauvignon fruit.

Today, Wednesday, July 8th; We have opened the 1995 Silver Oak Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Savignon and the 1986 LaJota Vineyards Napa Valley Howell Mountain Cabernet Savignon.